Memorable Moments From The Early Days!

1990 thru ???

The now immortal vote for Most Curious Combination:

"Ian and his date".



The Setting: during the awards ceremony, just after Bill won most fragrant bouquet for his Montana Red. I complimented his date on her hat (She was wearing my Akubra, something of a party standard for me!), to which she replied that it was a bit too big. (I do have a big head, and it was riding a bit low on her forehead). I intended to say something cute about how it fits me just fine, and what came out instead was:

"That's okay, I fit much better!"


This year we had an abundance of witty comments in the votes. Here's a sampling:

Most Appealing Appearance

"Ian's Date" (Not so witty true, but it was such a nice alternative to the deluge of votes in the most curious combination (see above), and a rather nice compliment to Judy!)

Most Blistering Heat

"The Devil Made Me Do It - Great heat, while leaving the stomach lining in place." (High praise indeed, especially amongst party veterans, many of whom still cringe at the memory of what Weeping Apache did to them!)

Most Curious Combination

"Ian and his date"(garnered a mere 6 votes this year...still enough to rate a runner-up finish!)

"Ian and whomever"(don't I have the most wonderful and caring of friends?)

"Ian and his big butt"(Ok, I had that coming after hours of bad jokes about Lienie's new Big Butt Bock Beer!)

Most Unabashedly Trendy

"Pregnant women"(Oh yeah, it was most definitely a theme this year, with 4 or 5 beautifully pregnant ladies in attendance...Ah, the future is we provide for that next generation!)

Most Everything

"The Green Shit"(Goes to the heart of our relationship with chili. We do love it, and constantly question our sanity in doing so!)

And of course, as happens every year, I manage to open my mouth and get my entire foot (and often a good part of my leg) stuffed in there...this year was no exception...while struggling to extract the prize for most appealing appearance from it's mailing tube (it was a poster of chiles), I asked for everyone's patience for a moment by saying "I've got something really cool in here...and I just can't get it out!" And just in case anyone missed the implication, good friend and top notch wit Boomer called out in reply "Oh sure, we've all heard that line before!")


Once again we were treated to amusing commentary in the voting. Here's this year's crop:

Most Appealing Appearance

"Me In The Dark" (Hmm...if only we knew the mystery author!)

"Laurie, the manager"(No argument from your host on this one!)

Most Blistering Heat

"Mark at home."(You go Mark!)

Most Fragrant Bouquet

"Nobody tomorrow!"(Ah, the truth hurts!)

Most Curious Combination

"Emily without beer" (check out the follow-up comment in the next section!)

Most Unabashedly Trendy

"Emily pregnant" (Thus the curious lack of beer!)

Most Everything

"Ian with his hat"(Ooh, somebody scores big points with the host!)

"Tommy Lux" (Tom's got a full-time fan club...and we're all charter members!)

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