2017 - ICB28: Sports Chilistrated CHILI BOWL XXVIII


28 years of this really starts sinking in when the generation of first kids to attend are regularly competing and winning, (along with getting married and buying homes!), and the the “next generation" of kids at the party is shrinking as they graduate and head off to college and university.

With all that, we still had near record-level attendance (exceeded only by the 25th anniversary party!), and they enjoyed a buffet of 13 amazing chilis, with 4 top notch vegetarian entries and a wide variety of flavours and presentations.

Apparently after 27 years we’ve also figured out how to prepare for and run the party, as things went so smoothly we kept wondering what we had forgotten to do.

The winners lead off the pack of delicious entries, but you couldnt go wrong eating a bowl of any of these this year.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get recipes for all of them, to include in the 2nd edition of Chili Bowl Wonders, set to be published in time for the 30th anniversary in 2019! 

As always, a huge thank you to everyone, whether you made chili, let us invade your house, brought appetizers, dessert, or homemade colon cleansing hot sauce, or filled out our ranks as judges and enjoyers of all of the above.  You ALL make this what we look forward to all year.  See you at the 29th!     — Ian and Judy

Most Appealing Appearance 
Won Sum Chili? - Chili Chef: Michael & Corey Berman

Most Fragrant Bouquet
On A Buffalo Wing & A Prayer - Chili Chef: Gail Agensky

Most Blistering Heat
The Scorched Sphinx - Chili Chef: David Benjamin

Most Curious Combination
Aloha Pilgrim - Chili Chef: Michael Cincinatus

Most Unabashedly Trendy 
Won Sum Chili? - Chili Chef: Michael & Corey Berman

ICB Grand Champion 
Pot of Chili - Chili Chef: Jake Morrow

ICB People’s Choice 
Cheeky Chili - Chili Chef: Sharon Abramson & Jeff Close

Canned Heat - Chili Chef: Ellen Morrow

 Do Not Go Lentil Into That Good Night - Chili Chef: Dawn Bernstein

Can I Get Fries With That? - Chili Chef: Lisa Dessau

Baconchocoholics Anonymous - Chili Chef: Aaron Cincinatus & Kyle Bernstein

Tex Mex - Chili Chef: Pauline & Barry Landon

Trump's Stump - Chili Chef: Lisa Goodman

Meatless Wonder - Chili Chef: Julie Sole

and, with several write-in votes, despite being labelled as an appetizer…
Chip’s Cleveland Korean Meatballs

And, it wouldn’t be complete without the party in pictures and music!...

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