2016 - ICB 27: Chili Wars


Despite Winter’s last gasp throwing an ice storm our way, and the loss of several competitors and their chilis to the flu, the 27th annual was another amazing success. 15 chilis battled for top honours, 47 guests enjoyed the fun, and 37 accepted the charge to judge and select the winners.  

This year we awarded a People’s Choice winner, given to a chili widely liked by the judges, but never quite pushing through to 1st place in any one category.  It happens rarely, and was a delight to hand out this year.

We had a couple of snafus with the certificates this year (chalked up to human error on the part of the CCO), but all was worked out in the end.

When the dust settled (the air won’t clear for another day or so!), we had our winners, and a should-be-proud set of runners up:

Most Appealing Appearance 
Diken Struktid - Chili Chef: Michael Cincinatus
(sorry Michael, too tired to find the proper phonetic spelling!)

Most Fragrant Bouquet
General Tso's Chili - Chili Chef: Gail Agensky

Most Blistering Heat
That Burning Sensation - Chili Chef: Jacob Morrow

Most Curious Combination
Jack(Fruit) Pot Chili - Chili Chef: Toby Abramson

Most Unabashedly Trendy 
Diken Struktid - Chili Chef: Michael Cincinatus

ICB Grand Champion 
Barquing Dog Chili - Chili Chef: Ken Gotlib

ICB People’s Choice 
Mean Ween Bean Machine - Chili Chef: Aaron Cincinatus & Kyle Bernstein

Vapor Trail - Chili Chef: Mike Berman

Chai Octane - Chili Chef: Cory Weiss
(rookie entry, competing even though the chef was knocked out of the game!)

Because It's 2016! - Chili Chef: Ellen Morrow

Chico Maki - Chili Chef: Gary and Leigh Craft

The Spiked Pig - Chili Chef: David Benjamin

The Sweet Hereafterburn - Chili Chef: Corey Berman

Chicken Chew “Bawk” A Chili - Chili Chef: Miriam Amon

Deep in the Heartburn of Texas - Chili Chef: Rob Brockman

Obi wan Canobeans - Chili Chef: Emily Amon

As always, an enormous thank you to everyone who contributes to making the party such a great success, whether through chilis, cornbread, beer, wine, or delicious appetizers and desserts.  Without your dedication and enthusiasm, it would be just another pleasant evening amongst friends and family.

And a HUGE shout out to Mark, Sharon, Mitchell, and Isaac for hosting the party yet again this year, allowing us to bring this growing throng together for all this delicious silliness once again. You are indeed our Team Alpha!

And of course, the party in pictures...

(copyright 1990-2018, Ian Silver)