2014 - ICB 25:  A Silver Anniversary 


Our formal invitation threw a few people into a bit of a tizzy, trying to discern if we truly expected them to wear formal attire, and racking their brains as to where a ballroom could be located in North York!

We responded with our very own party attire, certain that would quell all fears, but this is one persistent crew of chili makers, tasters, and judges! 

In the end all was resolved, and when the dust settled, the 25th annual had shattered records held since 1999…we had 19 chilis competing this year, and 69 attendees!

Once again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Team Alpha for hosting the party, especially with this year’s expanded numbers.  You guys rock!

And, as always a major shout out to all the chefs this year. With the huge number of entries, most of you went home without a prize, but you are sincerely all winners in our book, for making this party such a long-running success.  Oh, and hey Minnesota, you’ve got some serious new competition here down south, north of the border!

BIG smiles,

Ian and Judy

For those keeping track, and as a nod to the accomplishments of the hardworking chefs...

Most Appealing Appearance 
Beer Belly Chili

Most Fragrant Bouquet 
So Fine, Ovine

Most Blistering Heat 
Flanken Treasure

Most Curious Combination 
Drunken Nuts Chili

Most Unabashedly Trendy 
Quinoa-N Of You Show Me The Way To Santa Fe

ICB Grand Champion 
So Fine, Ovine

Ancho and The Beanstalk

3 Bean Hustle

Emily Is The Best Sister Ever

Has Anyone Seen My Tail? Chili

Seat Of My Pants

Spring Has Sprung

Fire In The Roll

Stop Ford


Chili (good old plain chili)

Chillin with Chuck

Close Call

The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of Cincinnati

And of course, the party in pictures...

(copyright 1990-2018, Ian Silver)