2013 - Chili Bowl 24

Only 2 years down south, north of the border, and the now officially International Chili Bowl is firmly established here in our new home. 

First off, HUGE thanks to Mark and Sharon for hosting. (Who knew your house was made with this party in mind?) Working with you is effortless, and the results were once again amazing.

Despite all the fun we had with this year's theme, we're still a bit shell-shocked that this is the 24th time the party and competition have been held. Kudos to all those who made it a terrific competition this year.  Wild flavors and variations were the order of the evening this year, and the judges (everyone who came to play and eat with us!) had their work cut out for them.

In the end, as always, winners were chosen, with big smiles for the champions, and a little sting for those who slaved away in their kitchens (and foisted multiple tastings on their families!).  Hopefully the fun and family feel of the evening lessened that sting…and big things are already in the works for the Silver Anniversary event in 2014!

BIG smiles,

Ian and Judy

For those keeping track, and as a nod to the accomplishments of the hardworking chefs...

Most Appealing Appearance 
Low Country Chicken and Waffle Chili

Most Fragrant Bouquet 
Phuket - I'll Have Another Bowl
(Thai Fusion Chili)

Most Blistering Heat 
Chili With Balls

Most Curious Combination 
Double D

Most Unabashedly Trendy 
Zero Chili with Hand Pies

ICB Grand Champion 
Zero Chili with Hand Pies

Give a Kick

I-Scream Chili

3 Little Pigs

March Madness


Jack The Ripper

Drag-on Queen Chili

And of course, the party in pictures (this year courtesy of the Shatter theme in iPhoto '11)…

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