2012 - Chili Bowl For Dummies

Wow!  The 23rd Chili Bowl is in the books, and firmly established now as an international affair, not only surviving the move north of the border, but thriving!  14 chilis competed this year, most first time competitors, and 52 guests sampled, enjoyed, and rated an incredible array of recipes.  Check back soon for the recipes of your favorites as they come in, (or click on the right to buy your very own copy of the ICB cookbook!) and start working on your killer chili for 2013!

BIG smiles,

Ian and Judy

This year's entries and winners...

Most Appealing Appearance 

Most Fragrant Bouquet 
C'est Wot

Most Blistering Heat 
Countdown Chili

Most Curious Combination 
Great White North's Chilly

Most Unabashedly Trendy 

ICB Grand Champion 
Adam's Rib

Alpha Team Chili

Al B. Ino's

One Pot Hominy

Catesnada Magic Mushroom Chili

What The Cluck?

Pipe Full of Fun

Fire In The Hole

The Dessau's

And of course, the party in pictures (with a nod to The Arrogant Worms)…

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