2010 - Chili Bowl Turns 21!

Can you believe it?  Our party is all grown up!

21 years, and we are definitely still going strong.  Three vegetarian/vegan chilis competed this year, and while Tammy made it to the podium for her trendy iChili, the Vegan Mystery Spice and Rajin Cajun were serious competitors as well.  Rajin Cajun is the first non-meat chili that I really think could fool the meat-lovin' chili public!

CANICURID scorched a few tongues and throats on it's way to satisfying partygoers hankering for some blistering heat, and Robert proved that targeted campaigning can only help when you start with a damn fine chili!

We had no technological snafus this year, and we even got all the certificates printed in time...woo hoo. Our only real mis-cue was our choice of dates.  We missed a lot of old regulars who had an amazing diversity of truly impressive conflicts, and with the switchover to Daylight Savings Time, we had to end way too soon.  Next year we'll do more research and pick a date when we can all stay up late. (Find those good sitters now!)  Ooh, and we promise we won't switch it on you after we tell you the date, which might lead to someone forgetting to show up because they still had the old date written down. (I'm not naming names...)

On the flip side, you can't really call this a snafu, but apparently I bought too much beer, seeing as how after filling two full bags with bottles for the recyclers I still ended up with way more beer than I started. (Wanna come over for beers and a game on the big screen?)

Well, that's all for now.  Thanks to everyone who competed, and to everyone who help choose this years winners, and to everyone who just came and smiled and made the evening more fun for all of us.

-- Ian and Judy

And now, this year's entries and winners...

Most Appealing Appearance
Chili 21

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Happiness & Hominy

Most Blistering Heat

Most Curious Combination
Willy Wonka

Most Unabashedly Trendy

Most Everything
Jambalaya Chili

Hillbilly Chili

Father, Son, & Holy Spirits

El Pollo Loco


Rajin Cajun Chili

Chili Peppers, Literally

Vegan Mystery Spice Chili.

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