2009 - A 20th Anniversary Celebration

A 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Wow! Just like the cartoon said, I'm constantly amazed how year after year, we're all treated to a seemingly endless variety of delicious and challenging chilis. This year raised the bar once again, with a killer veggie chili, a fabulous seafood chili, and a genre-warping chili cake! We were 48 strong this year, with 13 entries to sample, vote, and comment on, and when the dust finally settled, the victorious chefs emerged. (Yes, we did have our own little election recount, but no DFL or RNC lawyers were needed...just Judy to help get my brain back on track, and in the end it was an election process that yes, even Minnesota could view with envy!)

Most Overall Popular was awarded again this year. Diane's Konoplye couldn't push through to victory in any category, but ran away with the overall vote totals, running up 4 second place counts.

Another Chili Bowl first this year...someone left the party unaware she was wearing two different shoes! And people gave me grief about all the tequila drinking during the early years!

Our deep and sincere thanks to all of you, whether it's spending countless hours researching and experimenting for your next award-winning chili, or bringing something to share at the party, or bringing us a little gift (you REALLY shouldn't have!), or just bringing your best party attitude and appetite, you all make this worth doing for 20 years. Here's to the next 20! -- Ian and Judy


Most Everything
Free Willy Chili

Most Appealing Appearance
Madoff Jailhouse Chili: Prepared in the Penthouse, Served in the Jailhouse. (made with Ponzi beans!)

Most Blistering Heat
"Stolen St. Paul"

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Buddha's Awakening

Most Curious Combination
Bermuda Triangle

Most Unabashedly Trendy
Madoff Jailhouse Chili: Prepared in the Penthouse, Served in the Jailhouse. (made with Ponzi beans!)

Most Overall Popular
Konoplye (Yiddish for hemp!)

Pine Nut and Chili Bundt with Chili Glaze

A Looong Slooow Finish

Commander in Beef: A Chili You Can Trust

Title-Challenged Chili

Chili For Dummies

Chicken Edamame Olives

Skyline Cincinnati Chili

We must admit we were rather proud of our 20th anniversary comic. Check it out!

And as always, the parties in pictures…

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