2008 - An Inconvenient Chili


The Last Teen Chili Bowl!

It was a runaway success, despite once-again missing that mythical 17 entries milestone. We continue to hover right around 40 guests...it must be just a good number of folks to celebrate all that is wonderful and good about chili! We had the first ever return entry - and it happened twice! Mortal Sin '94 came back for another run at the title 14 years after it first competed. And 1995's Pub Grub Chili was reborn as There Won't Be Blood, taking home the trendy honors this year! As always, HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted their inspiring chili creations, to everyone who made or brought something else for us to enjoy with our chili, to those who left treats and trinkets behind for us, and to everyone who comes and makes this such fun for us. Start your planning now for 2009! Some ideas on the burners right now - a special competition of champions from the first 20 years, a concerted effort to break through the 16 entry limit with a 20 for the 20th challenge, a special prize for the first ever 17th entry...and who knows what else we can come up with! Hope to see you all there. -- Ian and Judy


Most Everything
Beef - 2008

Most Appealing Appearance
Mortal Sin '94

Most Blistering Heat
Egyptian Chili - Fava Beans with a Kick!

Most Fragrant Bouquet
A Touch of Ginger

Most Curious Combination
A Touch of Ginger

Most Unabashedly Trendy
There Won't Be Blood

Ian & Sylvia - Four Strong Winds

Vampire's Brew

Hot Momma

Kyoto Killer

Just Darn Good Chili

Sooo Meaty

Mary's Texas River

Old Faithful Plus

Tom's Tardy Chili

This Can't Be Chili


And now, the party in photos!

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