2007 - An American Chili

The 18th Annual is in the books!

It was yet another terrific party, with over 40 guests, and a record-tying 16 entries competing for prizes. We've hit 16 now 3 times, first in 1999, again in 2004, and now in 2007. This looked like the year that record would be shattered, but the Chili Bowl imps worked their mischief yet again. We've maintained out international status, thanks to guests Sharon and Miriam from Toronto (who also, by the way, pulled off the upset of the night, knocking off perennial Most Unabashedly Trendy favorite Leanne Loren, with their Randy's Coney Island Chili Dawg entry!) We had several first this year as well; the first winning by a chef not present (Maddy was at the SWHS production of Hair), the first winning by a chili that not only broke the envelope for the definition of chili, but couldn't even hold claim to being a main course! (the aforementioned Maddy's Silly Chili entry, made of jelly beans and spicy candies!)...and last but not least, the first time our new prize, Most Popular, was awarded to a chili that did not win in any of the individual categories.

As always, HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted their inspiring chili creations, to everyone who made or brought something else for us to enjoy with our chili, and to everyone who comes and makes this such fun for us.

See you all at the 19th in 2008!

-- Ian and Judy

And now, this year's entries and winners...

Most Appealing Appearance
Silly Chili

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Untitled Complex Chili

Most Blistering Heat
Make Love Not Gas

Most Curious Combination
Shrimp and Spice

Most Unabashedly Trendy
Randy's Coney Island Chili Dawg

Most Everything
The White Devil

Most Popular Overall
Chili Not Hot

Vegetarian Chili Mole

Turkey and Bean

Great Plaines Chili

Toasted Pecans and Corn

Secret (Redacted) Chili

Global Warming - An Inconvenient Chili

Black Bean Chili

Vegetarian Black Bean


Check out the party in pictures!

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