2006 - Chili Academy Awards

The flu knocked several regular competitors out of the chase this year, but several first-timers stepped up with serious game entries. In the end we had one of the tightest competitions in years, and my favorite comment of the night was that of disappointment at only being able to vote for one chili as overall favorite. There is certain to be demands for an investigation into vote count irregularities which led to a preponderence of family member winners. To which I say, bring it on! (The summer rules committee meeting will address the possibility of hiring an independent firm to verify all official results.) Another one for the books, with many thanks to everyone who helped in so many ways, from making chili, to cleaning the house, to helping keep Jeremiah happy. I can hardly wait to do it all again next year for number 18...ooh, our Chai year!


Most Everything
Border Town Chili

Most Appealing Appearance
Tres Chiles Chili

Most Blistering Heat
Most Overall Popular

Chicken Chili Chakra

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Canadian Vampire Repellent

Most Curious Combination
Chip's Cleveland Creamed Chicken Cheesy Corn Chili

Most Unabashedly Trendy
Cheney Chili Blast
(A Face Full of Flavor)

Mill City Chili

Kickin' and Chicken Chili

Vita Mita Veggie Chili


Chicken Little

Hometown Spicy Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

Now, let's check out the photo highlights!

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