2005 - No Name Chili Bowl

2005 proved that smaller can indeed be just as good, or even better. We had a few less folks, and half the entries from last year, but the consensus was that the quality was way up once again. This year also introduced several firsts:

  • We had dual entries from one family - Oslynn and Jamie couldn't decide on one recipe so we got to enjoy both of their choices!
  • We had a teen team entry from Toby and Eben, which took home the prize for Most Blistering Heat (despite almost not having an entry due to a mid afternoon crockpot disaster.)
  • We were treated to Dale's awesome guacamole recipe...only downside was that there wasn't an entire crockpot of this stuff!
  • We awarded a new prize for the chili that recieves the most overall votes, across all categories. Theoretically, this could go to an entry that doesn't win in any individual category, but it didn't play out that way this year.


Most Everything
B2 C2

Most Appealing Appearance
Are You My Mother? Chili

Most Blistering Heat
Hot Hot Heat

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Wooly Bully Chili

Most Curious Combination
Mighty Mooseshroom Chili

Most Unabashedly Trendy
People's Choice

Chesapeake Chili

Pub Grub Chili

Hot Coffee on a Chili Day

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