2004 - On The Campaign Trail

Well, the 15th annual gave notice that not only does this event still have legs, it's moving into an entirely new phase! The "Where's the beef" fans brought back some stellar, big beef and deep red sauce chilis, and the rest of the gang took us all up a notch in both creativity and quality this year. The refrain of the evening this year was "Best batch of chilis ever!" We tied the record for most entries with 16, had a Chili Bowl first with 2 chilis using pumpkin in their recipes, and and a Chili Bowl second(!) with an unpleasant repetition of history when "Just Lucky To Be Here" got it's name after the crock pot spilled in the car. (Check out the entries from 1996!)

Most Everything
Big Chunks

Most Appealing Appearance
Green Monster

Most Blistering Heat
Legume Change Begins at Home

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Lord of The Zings: Return of the Sting

Most Curious Combination
Crabby Mark's Headless Horseman's Chili

Most Unabashedly Trendy
South Beach Chili Cha Cha

Daffy's Family Jewels

Chili "Veep" from an Undisclosed Location

Navajo Joe's Pecos Junction Grande

Pumpkin Black Bean Turkey Chili

Weird and Wonderful

Just Lucky To Be Here

Muy Sabroso Poco Peligroso

Kucinich Chili (Naturally 3rd)

Beer and a Bump

Partido Verde

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