2003 - Hey Baby, It's The Chili Bowl!

14 years of this silliness, and nope, things aren't getting old at all. To the contrary, the party looks to be revving up for the second half of it's second decade! Once again this year, we had 12 chilis entered, and again, many first timers. 6 were rookie entries, and 4 of those were first time attendees. 2003 may be remembered as the "Where's the Beef" year (thanks Barb!), as we had a record number of vegetarian entries - 5 of the 12 entered had not a speck of animal protein in 'em! This year also marked the first time that cactus and italian sausage showed up as ingredients in recipes. Jeremiah made several appearances, and you would think this is what really wowed the crowd, but nope, this year's scene stealer was the ever-mellow, oh-so-laid-back, wanna-scratch-my-belly, Casey the Wonderdog! He completely laid to rest any ill-conceived notions of the high strung nervous nature of pure bred dogs, and racing greyhounds in particular. Special thanks to Toby for all his help as ballot manager and tallier, and to all of the cheerful helpers who carried Jeremiah throughout the night, and to the chili makers who make this party possible, and the chili tasters who make it such fun. See y'all for the 15th!!! Here's how the competition played out this year...

Most Everything
Freedom Chili

Most Appealing Appearance
UN Chili

Most Blistering Heat
Burn Baby Burn

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Orange Alert Chili

Most Curious Combination
Most Unabashedly Trendy

White Chili

Joe Chillionaire

Cactus Chili

Pete's Picture Perfect Chili

The Ol' College Try

Bubbie's Buckaroo Chili

Spicy Black Bean Chili

Very Veggie

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