2001 - A Spice Oddity


Finally, this year I'm getting the updates done fairly promptly. It was another fabulous party, with 8 stellar entries going head to head. The tasters were barely able to reach a decision on favorites, with each category almost coming down to a dead heat. (Chief Chipotle had to cast a tie-breaking vote in more than one category!)

We also discovered the answer to last year's puzzling winners. It turns out that the printers had the categories in a different order on the tally sheet and the ballots, causing the winners of Most Blistering Heat and Most Fragrant Bouquet to be swapped.


Most Appealing Appearance
White Lightning

Most Blistering Heat
Piquante Palate

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Kings Island

Most Curious Combination
Kings Island

Most Unabashedly Trendy
Crouching Tofu - Hidden Heartburn

Most Everything
Bud's Batch


Tom proudly accepts top honors this year for his rookie entry
"Bud's Batch", a tasty traditional meat 'n bean recipe!


Claude and Sharon Miller (joined this year by Sharon's brother Carl)
delivered this year's fiery winner with their veggie "Piquant Palate".
Mock duck gave it a nice "meaty" texture.


Mary Beth created another tasty veggie entry, and walked home
with the honors for Most Unabashedly Trendy...was it the tofu
in the recipe or that way cool and topical name
that tipped the scales her way?

(copyright 1990-2018, Ian Silver)