2000 - Starting A New Millenium?

What we lacked in quantity, we more than covered with quality in this year's entries. And most fortunate for this year's chefs, with 6 entries and 6 prizes, everyone went home a winner.

And now for the embarrasing part. I got rather confused in announcing the winners, and I'm pretty sure I gave two of the winners incorrect prizes. So, to all the winners, enjoy your prizes...and here are the winners according to the ballots!

Most Appealing Appearance
The Chili You Can Actually Eat

Most Blistering Heat
It's Not My Chili (Just My Crockpot)

Most Fragrant Bouquet
It's Not Easy Being Green

Most Curious Combination
Sherry's PPP (Peak of Pathetic Paleness)

Most Unabashedly Trendy
White Out

Most Everything
Y2K Chili

Editor's Note: The suspected error in tallying was verified in 2001 when the Chief Chipotle noticed that the categories were ordered differently on the ballots and the tally sheet, causing the winners of Most Blistering Heat and Most Fragrant Bouquet to be swapped...oops!

Big Jig and The Fatheads kicked it up again this year with a twist...Tilly sittin' on drums (MIke was off somewhere doin' some work thang), and all 5 playin' acoustic and unplugged!

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