1999 - Chili Bowl Debut For Big Jig And The Fatheads

February 20th, 10th Annual

Well, this is most embarrassing. I procrastinated so long in getting the updates from this party (I'm typing this line on 3/4/2000, 7 days before the party!), that I've forgotten who submitted which chili...so here's a list of the winners, and a sample of photos from the party!

Most Appealing Appearance
Entry #4 - Poco's Rodeo Chili

Most Blistering Heat
Heaven and Hell

Most Fragrant Bouquet
Entry #7 - Nut In Honey

Most Curious Combination
Entry #6 - Zesty Chili

Most Unabashedly Trendy
Entry #8 - Smoke My Jalapeña

Most Everything
Entry #1 - Smokey Mojo


Tonto and Kemosabe ride again, this time
to help set up the party decorations!

"We just came in for a late-evening bite to eat!"
- new party regulars

"I want some of what he's tasting!"

Hangin' with Bill and Ann...

Big Jig and The Fatheads were an awesome addition to the festivities...

...singing one of their classic a capella numbers...
(it's gotta be either "Trouble" or "Children Go Where I Send Thee")

We were all cleaned up and ready to leave, and I
realized that we hadn't played that song
Diane had asked for earlier -
hmm, I think it was a John Prine song.

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