1998 - We're Going Commercial - Debut at Dan Kelly's!


Well, the 9th annual is now history! The move from friends hosting the party to having it downtown at Dan Kelly's was a huge success. Last year there were rumblings of the demise of the Chili Bowl, with attendance and entries both down for the second year in a row. We laid those worries to rest with a record number of entries and 60 fabulous guests and tasters!

Of course no Chili Bowl would be complete without crockpot-induced power failures, and this year was no exception. That record number of entries proved just a bit too much for one of the outlets. (Hope it turns out to be nothing serious Laurie!)

All of the entries were outstanding this year, as evidenced by the votes being spread out amongst all 15 chilis. When the counting was done though, the winners emerged, and took home some nice prizes.

I forgot to introduce a guest-requested change this year, adding a spot on the chili name tags to identify them by heat...I've got it in my notes now though, and we'll have that and perhaps a couple other enhancements for next year. We did add one new twist this year...a couple of party cameras for everyone to capture and record their own party moments...the film goes in for developing on Monday...I'll post all the best ones that come back!

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:
Most Appealing Appearance
Most Fragrant Bouquet
Most Blistering Heat
Most Curious Combination
Most Unabashedly Trendy
Most Everything!

We had lots of old friends back again this year, and we welcomed many new faces to the fun, excitement, and inevitable indigestion. (Those rookies always forget to take SMALL PORTIONS!)


Thanks again to everyone for making this such a great party, and see y'all in 1999 for the monster 10th annual!


What a treat for me...getting waited on at my own party...now there's a first. Ernie took terrific care of us all evening...thanks Ernie!

(copyright 1990-2018, Ian Silver)